sober-living-house-for-women-in-loveland-coAt Serenity House, we believe that balance in recovery is critical. Combining recreational activities, an excellent nutrition program, and quality care will lead to lasting recovery. We are here to help you create a healthy positive lifestyle with inner strength and courage.

  • Abundance of recreational activities
  • Nutritional support and classes
  • Live-in managers
  • Individualized support

Give yourself the best chance for a lasting recovery.

 Health & Wellness

One way to model balance is through recreation-based activities, which promote a healthy lifestyle.  Outdoor activities are excellent coping tools for stress reduction and mindfulness. We offer programs residents get the opportunity to explore the exquisite local wild life and outdoor environments. We also help you find the best approach for you. Sometimes it takes a little exploring to discover an activity that works for you, whether is is yoga classes, mountain hikes, fishing, or swimming. We will work with you to help you find your fitness.

Nutrition Support

The Serenity House is committed to treating the whole person’s mind, body, and spirit throughout the recovery process and beyond.  Our health and wellness programs expose residents to unique opportunities, often times with new experiences, assisting them to improving their over all health through nutrition. Nutrition is very important to our overall sense of well being. At Serenity House, we offer simple delicious meal planning and nutrition classes for residents.