Stress is a major contributor to alcohol and drug addiction. There are many stressful situations that come about in our lives. Some of them on a day-to-day basis and others deeply traumatic events such as the loss of a loved one. In the past you may have handled these stressful situations by reaching for a bottle or a pill, or some other substance. But now that you are working on your sobriety, you need to find other ways to deal with stress. Handling stress sober is easier than you may think with these great suggestions.

Handle Stress Sober With These Great Ideas

  • Exercise. Steaming mad? Use that energy to fuel a great workout.
  • Do the thing that you do. Nothing better than to have a hobby to carry you trough. A hobby is a great retreat from the everyday stress of live.
  • Writing in a journal. Don’t keep all those thoughts bottled up and churning inside. Put them in a journal along with your goals, aspirations and reflections. Many novels begin this way. Many personal insights are gained this way. And lots of stress is revealed this way.
  • Having a tight support group. This is where sober living, AA meetings, counseling, and other support services can be a big help. If you reach out you can have this in your life.
  • Just say ohm! Learn mediation and how to just be still. Plagued with stressful thoughts? Inhale deeply and then pucker up and exhale like you are blowing though a straw. Imagine all those stressful thoughts being blow out of you head. That is just one meditation technique that you and learn among thousand that are beneficial for stress reduction.
  • Learn to change your reactions to things, if you can change your reactions then you can change your life. Be your own behavioral therapist!
  • Good diet and plenty of sleep. Start your day refreshed and energized. This will give you the strength to withstand the demands of a stressful day. Throw in a little B-12 for the nerves and you are good to go!

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Handling Stress Sober

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