Christian sober livingThere are a lot of similarities between the halfway house and sober home, but there are also a lot of differences. Depending on your history and background one is a much better option than the other. Many people often mistake the two and lump them together. This is probably because the halfway house has been around for much longer and many more people are aware of it than the sober home.

The sober home became a household word only after becoming a TV show. It has yet to become as common as a halfway house. So, what are the differences and similarities between the halfway house and the sober home.


  • Both attempt to help people with addiction and alcohol problems.
  • Both provide structured living in a group environment.
  • Both help people transition between rehab and living in the world.


  • Halfway houses often accept hard-core or dangerous criminals and sex offenders.
  • Halfway houses often focus on helping people adjust and integrate from prison life.
  • Halfway houses provide shelter for sex offenders.
  • Halfway houses are often court mandated and conform to state and federal regulations.
  • Halfway houses are often government funded.

A Halfway House Can Be Like A Sober Home Or Not

There are no rules as to what can be called a halfway house or sober home, so you will find that they each have their own focus and direction. Some halfway houses may be very similar in orientation to a sober home. It could have a emphasis on drug and alcohol recovery rather than reintegrating people getting out of prison. A sober home may have a relationship with the local prison system and take people coming out of jail or prison. If you are contemplating moving to a sober home or halfway house, it is important to ask questions. You need to know if the place will be a good fit for you or a loved one.

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