Addiction harms the body in two ways, the substance has a negative effect on the body, and addiction usually is accompanied by poor eating habits and diet. Proper nutrition helps the healing process. It helps with detox, mood swings, energy levels, and infection and illness. When people feel better they are less likely to relapse.

Most recovering addicts also suffer from nutrition deficiencies because of the addiction. So, restoring nutritional health and creating a diet that has good nutritional value is important to the recovery process.

Addiction Causes Vitamin And Mineral Deficiencies

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are common in recovering addicts and alcoholics. The sugar in alcohol can cause intense sugar cravings during recovery. So, recovering alcoholics need to be aware of the effects of sugar and eat food that helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

The digestive tract is damaged through many types of drug addiction. So supplements that help restore the health of the stomach and related digestive functions are needed. Studies have shown that danger posted by different types of substance abuse on the digestive system is significant and can lead to serious problems.

The whole body needs to get  proper nutrition.

General Diet Tips

A good diet is hugely important to our wellbeing. There are no shortages of diet and nutrition books available at bookstores and advice of all kinds on the web. The USDA has some good information on healthy eating. Also, good common sense can be applied to your eating habits. Take a multivitamin, eat at regular times and don’t skip meals. If you can, talk to a nutritionist or a consultant at a health food center. It may even pay off to see a nutritionist and create a diet plan specific to your needs.

Good Diets Help You Stay On Track

It is difficult enough to stop doing drugs and alcohol without having to make wholesale changes in the diet. Sometimes that is simply too much change for people to copy with. At the same time it is important to give the body the nutrition it needs. Take the extra steps to ensure that your diet is in line with your sobriety and helping you stay clean and sober.

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