Our society today is saturated with drugs and alcohol. It is not just illegal drugs, but drugs for all kinds of ailments physical and mental. Sober people are surrounded by drug use and addiction in our drug-saturated society. How do people in recovery navigate this mine field?

In the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the results indicated that around 22 million Americans over 12 used illicit drugs within the last month. Over 50% of Americans over the age of 12 are current drinkers. That is an estimate of over 130 million. Those numbers are high and make it difficult for people to get sober and stay sober.

Colorado New Pot Laws

For people living in Colorado, things may get worse. New recreational marijuana laws are going to make pot easier to find and use. The new laws seem to be saying that pot use is okay. But, recovering addicts know that this is not the case. The new laws will most likely lead to ever growing problems with addiction.

These new laws were passed just last month, so their effects will not be noticeable for some time.  However, there are a lot of potential unforeseen consequences. Colorado could become a pot tourist destination like Amsterdam, which does not bode well for the residents. Colorado will most likely see an increase in pot use by teens and an influx of pot tourists. We will have to wait and see what other effects these new laws have.

Sober Solutions Are Available

Fortunately, there are ways to step out of the party culture and reconnect with a better way of living.

Sober living houses are little islands of sobriety where we can find some personal space and companionship while making the transition to a sober lifestyle. A sober living home is one of a handful of options that do a great job of helping people make the transition to a sober lifestyle. It can be a foundation for all the other changes that need to take place.

Make Sober Friends

What do you get when you move into a sober living house? You get to meet people who are like yourself and share a goal. You get positive feedback and encouragement from your new friends and house mates. You have a better chance of making a break with the habits and the people of the past that aided your addiction when you live in a sober house.

The unity, camaraderie, and caring nature of the peers and management of these houses are eons above anything I’ve ever encountered. –Ian

All too often, people who are not sober do not understand the need or importance of sobriety for people with addictive personalities. How may of us have heard friends try to convince us that one won’t hurt? That is how people are.

People struggling with addiction need to be constantly alert to those type of suggestions. Drinking buddies and party pals will want you back and you need to make sure that you don’t go back. That is why you need an island of sobriety. A place to get support and some respite from a country saturated with drugs and alcohol?

Try A Sober Living Home Today

A sober living house can be a great benefit to you. Why don’t you give it a try?

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