woman_in_glassSerenity is defined in the dictionary as being without stress and anxiety: a state or condition of being tranquil and calm. A serene person has peace of mind, a relaxed nature and takes things in stride without worrying: contentment. Serenity is contentment.

Serenity is also a goal to be achieved. Serenity is not the ordinary condition that we are in when we go about our daily lives. Turmoil seems to be the ‘normal’ condition. We are always in some sort of conflict and trouble eating away at us. This is especially true of addicts and alcoholics. Serenity is at the opposite end of turmoil. So, how do you go from turmoil to serenity.

Three Key Aspects Of Serenity

So why should we strive to achieve a state of serenity in our selves and in our lives? Serenity helps us overcome our addictions. In AA they have the Serenity Prayer. In the prayer, there are three key aspects of serenity.


You need to accept some of the things in your life as being unchangeable or being without fault (in other words, there is nobody to blame). By accepting, you can move on emotionally from some issue or problem that is troubling you. Acceptance helps you move forward with your life.


This an often overlooked aspect of serenity (and sobriety). When you let it go, when you move on, when you refuse to allow the troubles to get a foothold in your mind, you are doing something that takes courage. Courage is the cornerstone of recovery. You need courage to guide you through the changes in your life. You need courage to be steadfast in your recovery.


What was the wise old man like when he was twenty? Did you ask? Was he a saint from the moment he was born? I doubt it. He has probably made some of the same mistakes that you have. Wisdom comes from experience. It comes from having had experience of the world and a changed and renewed perspective of that experience. The new understanding is what creates the wisdom.

When You Realize The Value Of Serenity…

So, let’s get back to why. Why would you want serenity in your life? Until trouble comes to visit, serenity for most of us is not even on the radar. It is only after the troubles appear that we realize the value of serenity. When we realize the value of serenity, acceptance, courage and wisdom can be our guides along the road.

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