The activities that lead to a successful recovery are more about making sound decisions and taking positive action than making radical changes in your life. The only ‘radical’ action is to completely eliminate drugs and alcohol from your life. After that, the things that will keep you on the right path are not complicated or sophisticated. The difficulty lies in taking the initial steps to motivate yourself. That is why it is good to have a plan and to write down the plan.

Make Planning A Habit

Planning is not that difficult once you get into the habit. A great tool for planning is the day planner. Day planners come in many varieties and are available in most office supply stores. The all have the same sections and help you organize your days, weeks, and months.

How To Use A Day Planner

You can go crazy and plan every moment, but that style of planning is hard to maintain, especially if you are not used to using a planner. Better is to plan, like all things, in moderation. Here is a planning schedule that works well and goes along with many day planners.

At the beginning of each month sit down and write the goals you want to accomplish for that month. Break down the goals into sections, such as health, finance, education, recovery, etc. Then, choose a day each week, Sundays work well here, and plan out the actions you are going to take for the week. Plan activities for each day of the week. Do this each Sunday, and you will start to see progress in your life.

Example Health Rehab Action Plan


  • 1 hour afternoon walk
  • oatmeal for breakfast
  • eat one apple


  • 1 hour walk
  • eat an orange
  • call a friend about walking in the park


  • plan ski trip for next week
  • skip lunch


  • call around for lowest-cost gym
  • call to see if there are local group fitness classes
  • eat an apple


  • 1 hour walk in the park

Sat and Sun

  •   free

You will have more health planner items in your planner. Healthy planning calls for exercise, diet, and activities with friends. Make sure you can complete most of the items on your planner each day. The items that are missed get put back on the planner or simply removed if you end up being too busy.


Day Planners Not Just For Business People

Day planners are not just for business people. They are great tools for getting you off the couch and into action. You can plan for all parts of your life. The day planer is just a re-minder of the things you need to do to get back on track with your life. You can get far with a little help from you day planner. Use your planner to create a healthy rehab action plan.

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