Two years ago, Serenity House set up one of the houses to be exclusively for Christian men and called it Faith House. The intention was to create an environment that focused on recovery and Christian spiritual growth. Today, two years later, the Faith House is a testament to the positive relationship between recovery and a strong Christian faith. Residents at the Faith House tend to stay longer and create a more harmonious environment. There is less drama and more success.

Faith House uses a non-denominational approach through Christian principles.

A Stable Recovery Community

Recovering from addiction is difficult. People who are recovering from addiction are struggling with a very powerful force. Their lives are up in the air. Unstable living conditions, relapses, and personal conflicts are all a part of the life of the addict. This instability is part of the problem that needs to be overcome in recovery.

Sober homes attempt to provide stability, structure and growth opportunity for recovering addicts.  Recovering addicts at the Faith House have demonstrated the value of a strong spiritual emphasis. The Faith House is the most stable house at Serenity House. Less people moving in and out means that not only are the residents finding success with sober living, but also creating more stability in their lives. This increased stability leads to more cohesion in the group. This cohesion creates and environment where people get along better and have each others back.

Still A Strong 12 Step Focus

The Faith House is for Christians, but it is not dramatically different from the other sober houses at Serenity House. There is still a strong 12-step focus with the use of celebrate recovery bible study. Church service is incorporated into the recovery program. The morning meetings have a spiritual foundation, but they are still basically 12-step meetings.

Sober living is first and foremost about recovery, and the 12 steps, which is spiritual by it’s nature, is the proven foundation for a lasting recovery. The same rules apply at the Faith House as in the other houses.

The Christian focus of the Faith House, works because it creates a common spiritual bond between the residents. And this stronger bond creates a stronger community. A strong recovery community creates a better environment for long lasting sobriety.

A strong spiritual foundation is a great support for recovery. The Faith House has been wonderful benefit for Christians looking for Christian-based recovery housing.

Faith House Two Years Later

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