When you are trying to get sober and stay sober, you should use all the tools, techniques and organizations that you are comfortable with. Speaking of tools, there is a new tool out called Sober Grid. It is available on Googel Andriod and Apple iOS devices. Sober Grid It allows sober people to connect with one another. It is a geo-social app that allows people to connect with other people on ‘the grid’. It shows people’s profiles and how far away they are. It also allows people to remain anonymous.

Connect With Other Sober People

Sober Grid allows you to connect to other sober people while travelling, at airports, train stations, malls, anywhere you may think of and want to connect to someone who is sober. It allows users to send messages and their locations to each other if they want to meet. It even has a “Burning Desire” button for people to reach out when in need of some sober company.

Another Tool In The Toolkit

Generally speaking, Sober Grid is a tool that can help you connect to other sober people and get the help you need when you need it where you need it. For tech savy people or people who like to explore new technologies, this is a fun avenue to explore. There is both a free and paid version with additional features. It is a new app, so there are still some features that need improvement. It is worth checking out. See the links below for additional information.

Sober Grid Website

Sober Grid On Facebook


Sober Grid App

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