On our website we now have six pages of posts about varying aspects addiction and recovery. In looking back over the material, one thing sticks out. The issue that we have been writing about the most is relapsing. We have written about the mistakes people make and the things people do right. We have covered the good and the bad of relapsing. You can take action to avoid a relapse.

Here is a short sampling of the material we have covered about things you should be doing to avoid relapsing. Take action. Take your life back.

Stress can really hurt your recovery. Learn how to handle stress while in recovery. Read Handle Stress Sober.

Create an action plan. Got dreams? Write them down and make a plan. More here.

Eating well may be a foreign thing for a recovering alcoholic, like is is for many of us. But food helps with energy, feeling good and detoxing: Read Addiction Recovery Diet.

Find some inspiration. If you look you can find it. Read Finding Inspiration.

Positive self-talk is very important to having a new attitude towards yourself. A key element in a full, lasting recovery. Read more here.

Enjoy some of the benefits of staying sober. Five sober benefits are listed here.

Get busy with a hobby. Hobbies are great fun. Read Hobbies Are Great For Addiction Recovery.

Let go of those old resentments. They do you no good. Learn more on how beneficial this process is for your recovery. Read Overcoming Resentments.

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