How do you start your journey into recover? How do you get to the point when you decide that you are an addict and need to get help? And then what do you do? We are going to talk a little bit about that in this post.

It Starts With Understanding

It is important to come to the understanding that you are an addict (or alcoholic) and need help. Recovery really starts with your understanding this about yourself. Everyone who knows you can tell you that you are an addict and need to get better. But, unless you are convinced, there is not much that can change.

Many Paths To Recovery

All kinds of circumstances bring people to recovery. People come into recovery in the form of court mandates, family pressure, and a variety of other ways. If you get a DUI and get a sentence with probation, it usually comes with mandatory AA meetings. The same goes for drug related offenses. Probation comes with rehab. Many times families will try an intervention for their addicted teen. All of these processes help addicts and alcoholics.

However, real recovery starts with the understanding that it is a necessary part of life moving forward.

Sometimes It Is Difficult To Accept Your Addiction

Saying that sometimes it is difficult to accept your addiction may be an understatement. If you move into a sober living environment not totally convinced that you are an addict and that you need to recover and live a sober life, the odds are that you are going to struggle. You need to come to the realization that you need help and recovery is essential to your life. Accepting this is hard. It means letting go of a life you may have lived for many years.

Truly Beginning The Path

When you truly begin the path to recovery you will need to face some difficult choices and make significant changes in your life. Often, recovery includes new living situations,  letting go of friends (who enable your addiction) and creating new routines.Starting recovery throws you out of balance in a good way. One of the tasks is to find a new balance, a new way of approaching the world and your life.

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