education activities near lovelandWhile you are staying at one of our sober houses in Loveland, Colorado, it is a good idea to get involved in some type of activity. Colorado has fantastic resources at your disposal: a great outdoors and an abundance of colleges, Universities, and vocational schools. Staying at a sober home gives you the support you need to make a fresh start. Use the fresh start as a springboard into some new adventures. Explore the great Colorado outdoors or take advantage of the many educational activities. Below is a short list of places to visit and places to learn here in Colorado. Hopefully, they will give you an idea of the possibilities.

Education Opportunities

  • Aims College. Located right next door to Sober House, Aims College is a local community college offering a variety of classes. Aims is very close to our sober houses (almost walking distance) and you can get there by bus or bicycle.
  • Colorado State University. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, about a 30 minute drive from our sober houses. Colorado State University has an extensive educational program that meets the needs of a variety of students through its extension programs.
  • Front Range College. As the largest community college in Colorado, Front Range Community College serves more than 25,000 people annually from three campuses, one learning center, and numerous outreach sites associated with the campuses. No matter where you live—from Denver’s north metro area to the Wyoming border—there is likely an FRCC location near you.
  • University of Colorado at Boulder. The University of Colorado is a top-notch university. Located a short distance away from our sober houses in Boulder, Colorado, sober students may want to think about staying with us during the school year.

Torreys Peak SingAdventure Opportunities

  • Colorado State Parks. Colorado has 42 state parks. The Rocky Mountains are famous around the world and a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. When you stay at one of our sober homes the Rocky Mountains are your back yard.
  • Ski Colorado. Colorado is world renowned as a skiing destination. Say no more. Recovery does not have to be a drag. It can be an adventure with lots of positive life-affirming activities. Spend some time on the ski slopes of Colorado.
  • Camp Colorado. Camp Colorado has a list of campgrounds and activities around camping.
  • BCN Bicycling Page. The Boulder Community Network has a page listing local resources for bicycling activities. This is an excellent resource with loads of links.
  • Chilson Recreation Center. For an adventure a little closer to home, the Chilson Recreation Center is run by the City of Loveland and located just down the street. A little secret about Colorado: cities like Loveland all around the state have great recreation centers, with swimming pools, gyms, and other fitness activities. This is a great option to get some exercise and stay close to home.

Colorado is a great destination. It is a positive environment that has a lot to offer. Come and stay with us and see what it can do for you. The change of scenery may do you some good.

Give yourself the best chance for a lasting recovery.