Serenity House is a unique sober living facility in Loveland, Colorado. There are many reasons why you would want to choose Serenity House. Here are just a few.

On-site Manager

An on-site manager helps residents with day-to-day issues. The on-site manager is there to help with conflict resolution, sober living adjustments, daily activities, and administration. The on-site manager is there to make sure everyone has what they need to make living at Serenity House a good experience and a growth experience.

Regular And Random Drug Testing And Daily Breathalyzers

Regular and random drug testing keeps everybody honest. When you are living in a sober home, it is essential that you not use drugs or alcohol. Accountability is an important part of sobriety. Drug testing and daily breathalyzers are in the best interest of all the residents at Serenity House. Learn more.