Torreys Peak SingSober Living Boulder, Colorado. If you are looking for sober living in Boulder, you will have noticed that there are not that many options. Boulder is a great place to live, work and play but short on affordable sober living environments. Affordable sober living is not that far away. In fact, it’s just a 30 minute drive south!

Our sober homes in Loveland, Colorado are a great option for people in Boulder, Colorado looking for an affordable sober living home.

Many people from Boulder who are in recovery have come and stayed with us at Serenity House in Loveland. You’ll probably meet some yourself.

sle-livingBenefits At A Glance

  • Affordable Rents
  • Within Commuting Distance
  • See Family And Friends On Weekends
  • Your Still Living In Colorado
  • Awesome Sober Community
  • Three Housing Options ( Men, Women, Christian)

clean_and_sober_friends_wChange What Is Important

Just change the part of your life that is important to change. When you move from Boulder to Loveland, you are not going that far. You can still visit family and friends whenever you want. You can still keep your job. You can still go to the same school.

What you can change is what it important to change. Change the environment you are living in. Just a little change can make a big impact. Being around people who are working on their recovery fosters strength and determination. Making the move to a sober house is well worth the effort.

Sober Living Homes Work

A sober living environment is an incredible aid to recovery. Healing from alcohol or drug addiction is not something done alone. Get the support you need to make it.

Boulder Is World Class

Boulder is a world class city. It is known around the world for its amazing culture and adventure sports. Any rock climber knows that Boulder is one of the premier climbing destinations in the world. Outdoor enthusiasts from around the world go to Boulder for the climbing.

Boulder is also home of great educational opportunities. Boulder has a full range of schools, including a University of Colorado campus. Come stay with us and enjoy all the good parts of Boulder while living in an affordable sober living home.