Hi Jocelyn,
This is Lindsey from serenity. Don’t know if you still have my number or not…I never got to properly thank you for everything that you did for me and thank you for being instrumental in my sobriety and helping me get back on track after I fell off. I will always be very grateful for you! It is not an easy task dealing with a bunch of addicts and alcoholics but you do an amazing job!! Thanks again and I hope you are doing great! 🙂

March, 2015

I thank Jocelyn & Staff at the Serenity House for creating a safe, comfortable living environment. I could not stay sober over the years and until I found the Serenity House. My time was growing short on this earth. I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity to live here and my continued sobriety.

I recommend The Serenity House to both male and females who are ready to start the long term to life without alcohol or drugs. It is a beautiful life. Many resources available to those who are looking for a way out of the darkness of addiction. I have tried several treatment centers and I feel I at last found the right sober living environment for continued sobriety.
Theresa C
October, 2013

My name  is Robyn I arrived to serenity house from California. I first went to treatment as a teen and now in my adult life needing to get reconnected with god- spirituality and finding a new way for my life recovering from alcoholism- addictions and freedom from a fast paced life in San Diego.

It has been an amazing blessing to be surrounded by the love of the women in the house. The support of Jocelyn and the beauty of Colorado. I love Loveland and there is nothing like this!! Excited about my journey. I am a mother of 3 and an amazing family that needs healing. It is awesome to have home again. -Robyn

When I arrived at Serenity Houses, I was greeted with over whelming kindness and positive direction. the houses are surrounded by a welcoming  community of recovery. As I live at Serenity, I continue to work my recovery program and I have hope for the future and a piece of mind.

Serenity Houses is without a doubt a huge contributor to my passion for sobriety today. The support of the staff and other girls I live with is absolutely phenomenal. Serenity House is within walking distance of plenty of 12 Step meeting which I also love. Before coming to this house, I knew I wanted my life back but did not know if I wanted to stay sober. Today I can say with 100% confidence I do want and need to stay sober. Thanks Serenity House!!!

Serenity House has been a wonderful home for me for the past 10 months. It has given me a safe and pleasant environment in which to begin my recovery from alcoholism.

The companionship of the women who occupy this home has been of major assistance in learning to manage my addiction. We are all experiencing the same issues in one way or another and knowing that there is always someone with whom to share my feelings, fears, and aspirations has been immensely valuable. Being in the center of Loveland makes it very  convenient  to get to meeting, shopping, and there is educational opportunities available.

I would Highly recommend Serenity House to anyone who really wants to be sober and is willing to do the work necessary to achieve sobriety!! Its worth it!!

Marilyn B.

The Serenity House has given me back my life, my family, and set my feet firmly on the path to my recovery. The day-to-day living in a clean and sober environment is priceless and can’t be taught in a treatment center. I owe my new life to the Serenity House.

My experience here at Serenity House has been all and more than I ever thought it would be. I’ve gotten love, support, companionship, stability, and have gotten my accountability back. Having a sponsor, working the AA Steps and going to meetings every day. I have 85 days of sobriety. This is where I want to be right now in my recovery.

During my 6 months at the Serenity House, I have seen a change in myself and my fellow residents that I never thought possible. From the depths of drug addiction to a fulfilling life in sobriety. It is the support found in the house, the strong ties to Alcoholics Anonymous, and the clean and comfortable living conditions here at Serenity House that made that change possible. The recent addition of two houses to the foundation have made it possible to bring this support and guidance to even more addicts and alcoholics in recovery.

My name is Jonathan. I have been in the Serenity House for more than three months. I came here straight from prison and in my personal opinion it has kept me sober and from going back to prison. The zero tolerance policy that they have here is as strict as any I have ever seen in all my time in any half-way house or rehab. Very effective. Living here allows you to deal with the problems of life while you focus on recovery from drugs and alcohol. The twelve steps of A.A. have saved my life.

Living at Serenity House has given me a new lease on life – not only has it afforded me the support and companionship that I desperately needed to regain my sobriety, but the beautiful environment contributes to my feeling at home.
The spirituality practiced in the house reinforces my belief that God led me here to heal. I will be forever grateful to the foresight and dedication of the management for providing a safe and well structured sober living environment.

My experience at the Serenity House has been a valuable experience in my recovery. The House offers numerous opportunities to achieve “long-forgotten” goals. The structure allows us to become the people we once were before the alcohol and drugs took over. The unity of the people living in the house is guiding. God is truly present at the House and works in mysterious ways. Being involved with the House and the people in it makes recovery easier. This truly may be the EASIER SOFTER WAY!!!

My name is Kurt. I’m an alcoholic. The Serenity House has provided me with life skills I will carry with me long after I have left here: responsibility, discipline, accountability, problem solving , effective communication, and most of all love and tolerance. I would highly recommend this house to anyone who is serious about living clean and sober.

My name is Cheryl.
I’ve been at the Serenity House for 7+ months. The Serenity House has been a big part of my recovery. All the people who live in this house have touched my heart. They all are diligent in their sobriety. With a spiritual strength and the guidance of a higher power, we stay strong together.

My name is Joanne.
To whom it may concern, Serenity House has been a huge blessing for me in many ways. The format that is in place, having to work a 12-step program to be in the house, is huge in a lot of peoples lives. Mentally, for myself there has been a lot of windows of opportunity.
Not only has being here helped take care of my mental health and my drug problem, I have spiritually grown.

In my midst of hopelessness and without direction, at my bottom, I reached from within. I give myself up to the trinity and the foundation of my life begins.

I’ve been dealing with a personal addiction for more years than I want to think about. The unity, camaraderie, and caring nature of the peers and management of these houses are eons above anything I’ve ever encountered. They won’t be surpassed anytime in the foreseeable future.

My lost soul! Afraid, alone, empty, knowing I need help! With Gods intervention I found the Serenity House! A safe place away from everything and everyone. I knew I would have a chance to change my life by working a 12-step program. Having a wonderful sponsor, I can now stand up and be accountable in life. With the support and strength of all my house mates, I continue to grow and change. God tells me everything is possible.

My name is Larry and I have been at the Serenity House for 4 months. Now I am recovering from the abuse of meth and dealing with other issues as well. I have been asked by the court system to go through a program in Colorado. I am from Texas and my wife and children are still living there. It has been very difficult for me to be away from them for so long. 8 months total as of now, and I could be a lot longer dealing with this and recovering. At the same time, I know it would be unbearable if I did not have the support group of the Serenity House. It’s easy to say that my family just did not understand what addicts go through or how they think, but at the Serenity House we all seem to understand each other and it has been a very big part in my recovery mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally as well.

I know if it were not for this place, my time on this earth would be through. But now I realize that all that I have been through has a purpose in my life as well as others. Not only do I get help from those around me, but I also get to give hope to others as well. I know not that good things can be found in any situation no matter how bad it may seem. You just have to give yourself a chance and believe you are worth it.

Two years ago I went through a 28-day rehab program and then went home. I “white knuckled” for 5 months and then relapsed. I just went through another 28-day program and then came here to Serenity House. It has been so much easier to live and stay focused here because I am always around people who really want to recover. I would recommend this place to anyone who is serious about recovery.

Serenity House not only gave me a foundation for my recovery but a foundation for my life. Before I came here I had no self respect and had no idea how to interact with people. I didn’t know I could smile. Living here opened my eyes to a new horizon. I started to know that I was worth something. I built some self respect. I learned how to take down my defenses and interact with other people. I learned how to be a person. All that I have learned I did in this house with the people around me and of course God has been walking with me hand in hand.

Wow! The Serenity House is a miracle from God to me. I owe my life and my recovery to the Serenity House. I was almost dead when I got here. I did not know how to live in society. I am so grateful every day for being here. I have learned one day at a time to stay clean. The Serenity house has a lot to do with that. It is a beautiful place with lots of people to learn form and to give back to. There is structure and guidance and very humbling house meetings. I am starting to get my life back. I am so blessed that God brought me here. It is a true miracle that I found this place.
Jeff C.

Hi, My name is Stephen and I am an alcoholic. After four attempts in two years to get sober on my own, I thought I was actually going to die from this vicious disease. Thankfully, I surrendered to my higher power and he brought me to the Serenity House. I was truly ready this time. On page 83 of the Big Book, there are a list of promises. I’ve made a lot of drunken promises, but these ones are true.
I couldn’t make it on my own. I no longer knew what responsibility, accountability, trust, friendship, respect, dignity, and love were. I was truly selfish living in my disease. I knew nothing but survival and almost didn’t care. But I did still care and the Serenity House has provided the structure, support, warmth and the environment I have needed.

Now, after 7+ months sober, I can truly say life is beautiful. I’ll be working at this for the rest of my life, but I know that when I leave here, my foundation will be truly solid.

The 28-day treatment program I completed recommended I move to a sober living environment as a tool for my recovery.
The Serenity House has provided me with a safe and supporting environment, which has allowed me to remain accountable while developing friendships with others committed to living a clean and sober lifestyle. With its strong emphasis on the 12-step program of both AA and NA, I have been encouraged to actively pursue my relationship to my higher power.
I have been at the Serenity House for 2 months. Receiving a NA keychain is a miracle and a gift from God!