outside_serenity_houseOur sober living houses are beautiful Victorian homes, collectively known as the Serenity House. The homes are located in a residential area in central Loveland, Colorado. We currently have two houses available for people in recovery. Each home has room for 12 to 15 residents.

Clean And Comfortable Sober Living Houses

The sober living houses are clean, well kept and have all the standard modern amenities. The kitchens are large and easily accommodate the needs of the residents. There is ample space both inside and outside. There is a large communal area (living room) in each of the homes where residents can gather and participate in various activities.

Modern Amenitiessober_living_kitchen

The amenities include:

  • Wireless Internet
  • Unlimited long distance calling
  • Cable T.V.
  • Laundry facilities
  • Outdoor areas

The Serenity House provides a setting for recovery that is comfortable and inviting. Our sober living houses have a homey quality and help create a relaxed non-institutional atmosphere.

Our gallery will give you a good idea of the quality of the houses.

Learn More About Sober Living

Also, you can read our essays on the recovery house and sober house alternative on our blog. We take the extra steps to ensure that we do our part in your recovery. Sober living homes are a great benefit to recovering alcoholics and even more so when the homes are well kept and comfortable.

Give yourself the best chance for a lasting recovery.