Many people who come and stay with us are initially a little confused about our services. Many people think that we are a rehab center with the same types of rules and regulations. They ask about our program and are surprised to find out that it is quite a bit different. The main reason for the difference is that we provide people in recovery a place to live. Our recovery houses are not medical facilities. We do not have psychiatrists or nurses on premises and we do not administer drugs.

Our recovery houses are intended to be for people to live in after they have finished rehab, or just to live with other sober people. It is a residence, a place to call home as long as the person wants to be here. As long as the rules are followed.

The rules are simple and straightforward. If you follow the rules and enjoy living at the recovery house, you think of it as your home, the place where you live.

There is also a big difference between our houses and half-way houses. Half-way houses often cater to people just coming out of jail and need a place to stay. Most of them have little or no support networks and are not kept up to high standards. Just about anyone can live in a half-way house. This is not the case at a recovery house. We screen our guests to try to ensure that they will not be disruptive or dangerous. Our recovery houses are clean and well kept and we work with people in their recovery. Recovery is a team effort and we are on your team.

When you are making a choice in a place to live, and you have your eye set on a sober environment, the a recovery house is a good choice.

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